All-in-one Powerbox Totem and Totem Plus

We create and offer you special, firmly anchored structures designed for easy and aesthetic installation of the electric bike charging station and cable box, complete with stable bike racks.

Powerbox Totem – a comprehensive solution for small spaces.

A simple Totem of robust construction and infill, painted in anthracite or the operator’s choice. Charging stands for 4+2 electric bikes, electro connection from the ground. Dimension for charging station for 4 e-bikes. Possibility of fitting including Box „S“ for charging cables. Totem can be completed with the integration of the basic bike stand or can be supplied without it.

Custom production – Specific parameters can be adapted to your specifications.

Powerbox Totem Plus – integration with support stand

An extended version of the totem for a larger charging station and for installing a charging station for 6 e-bikes and installing a larger „L“ cable box. Supplemented with a support rack system for up to 8 parked bikes.

Bespoke manufacture – Specific parameters can be tailored to your specification. Contact us for more information!