Box for charging cables

Charging station operators often deal with the process of renting charging cables for their clients with electric bikes. The on-site staff is busy, often dealing with the need for a financial deposit against the risk of theft, and therefore the process of renting a charging cable can be lengthy.

Finally, there is a simple and safe solution – CableBox

A lockable box where charging cables are safely stored and protected against theft. The customer selects the charging cables and handles the charging himself, without the need for assistance from the charging station operator = a big time saver.

  • The CableBox is typically placed on the wall below or next to the Powerbox.ONE charging station.
  • The capacity is 6-10 charging cables, so it is suitable for both 4 port and 6 port Powerbox models.
  • Two sizes of CableBox according to the number of cables.
  • The person interested in charging borrows the CableBox key from the operator (just like a toilet key for example), the type of cable is chosen by the operator. Also available in a version with a code lock.
  • After plugging in the cable and starting charging, the customer locks the box and returns the CableBox key to the operator.
  • The connected charging cable is protected by a theft-resistant cord.
  • The front of the CableBox can be printed


MaterialSheet steel, option to print the front side
Ingress protectionIP45
Locking2x patent key (more can be supplied) or code lock.
Dimensionsa) Small „S“(in photos) – W50 x H40 x D16 cm.
b) Large „L“ – W60 x H60 x D20 cm.
ColourColour: powder coated black (RAL 9005) / grey (RAL 7032)
Capacitya) Small max. 9x cable (2.5m spiral or 2m straight)
b) Large max. 9x cable (2.5m spiral or 2m straight) or 8x cable and space to store charger.
Installation4x screws on a flat washer/wall
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