Charging stand for electric bikes

The clean and simple design of the stand makes it suitable for use in exposed areas such as company receptions, lobbies, wheel rooms and covered halls.

The concept of the charging stand is based on the proven geometry of the design
bike stand IKS from the Czech company Urbania manufacturer of urban furniture .

Unlike the Charging station the Charging Stand is designed for charging pre-known models of electric bikes, for example as a supplement to Fleets of e-bikessupplied by The chargers for specific models of e-bikes are integrated in the stand and the charging cables are equipped with specific connectors (without the possibility of using your own charging cable). The charging stand is not IPX certified and is therefore not intended for use in wet conditions outside the roof.

The rack can be designed for 2 or 4 e-bikes and two racks can be further combined for up to 8 e-bikes parked and charging at the same time. The chargers are integrated inside the rack in full clarity, where LEDs are displayed to indicate the charging status of each rack.

the 3 support points ensure high stability of the stand, even without the need for fixed anchoring to the floor when placed indoors. The design of the rack serves to securely lock the bike with any bike lock with a minimum length of 60 cm. All cabling is routed through the inside of the rack.

Material used.

Contract price of the stand is including the installation of the chosen type of chargers, but excluding the price of the chargers (these are typically supplied with the electric bikes). Other charger voltages (24V, 26V, 48V) can be realized on request. The rack can be fitted with any charging connector according to the type of e-bike.

The charging stand can be operated in an environment without direct water exposure (rain or spray), but it can be installed and operated in an outdoor shelter or in an underground garage.

Electrical protection (version for 4 e-bikes): max. 4 x 4A (16A), 230V AC.
Common plug socket with grounding, power cable length 5 metres (or without plug to the substation) .

Height 775mm, depth 605mm, width 580mm (for 2 wheels), width 1630mm (4 wheels).

Delivery time in configuration according to customer specification: approx. 1 month.

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The iKs bike stand can of course also be used for the Powerbox charging station.