Cycle stands for Powerbox charging station

A truly successful charging station for e-bikes will not work without a quality bike stand.
The cyclist wants to lock his or her e-bike securely, connect it to the charger and spend the time dedicated to charging the e-bike doing something other than watching the bike.

The bike racks that are commonly used, popularly called wire racks, which anchor the bike only by the rim and tire, are very unpopular with e-bike owners. For one thing, they are not very secure – most e-bikes have their bikes fixed with a „quick release“ and so the bike can be easily stolen – and there is also the possibility of damaging (bending) the brake disc of the bike.

We exclusively supply these three types of bike racks for use with the charging station:

Integrated stand – WSM inverted U

The ideal balance of price, design and comfort for electric bike owners. The bike rests and is securely locked through the frame and rim. Easy to install on most surfaces. The finish ensures longevity, with no maintenance required.

Recommended type of bike stand for charging station

Surface finish – hot dipped zinc
Anchoring – chemical anchor or ground screws
Weight: 30.8 Kg Dimensions: 2.55 x 0.35 x 0.58 meters

Other recommended options and types of „U“ stands:

Solitary, design stand – Urbania iKs

Three-point fixation, protection against frame damage. Allows free positioning in the space. Any curve can be copied between the stands, inclined standing is also possible, which significantly saves building space.

Does not interfere with discs or other parts of the bike, it is possible to park the rear wheel in the stand.

Hot-dip galvanized or painted with facade baked hot-dip zinc paint. You can choose the colour of the rack from the RAL standard colour chart.

Dimensions: 4 stands 1665 mm wide, 41.4 kg 6 stands 2545 mm wide, 60 kg

Powerbox charging station integrated with iKs stand (Pension Pears)

Field stand – JAFA concrete

Emergency solution for a stable bike stand when there is no possibility of anchoring into the ground. Locking the standing bike via the rim. Recommended only in case of permanent visual contact with a parked bike!

The rack is made of hot-dip galvanized construction to stand 4 bicycles.

The stand is made of hot-dip galvanized construction for 4 or 8 bicycles. The sides are made of washed concrete in grey or brown aggregate (you can choose the colour).

Dimensions: 158x55x65 cm (for 4 bikes)
weight: 151 kg

Please contact us to choose the right bike rack solution and for a quote .