Powerbox: professional charging station for electric bikes

What is Powerbox?

Powerbox is an outdoor charging station for 4, 6 or up to 8 simultaneously charged electric bikes, electric scooters or scooters. It is also a network of (at the moment) 446 charging stations located in popular cycling destinations across the Czech and Slovak Republic (see map) where e-bikers can charge their e-bikes for free. For the operators of the Powerboxes (municipalities, restaurants and other businesses) this service brings new visitors and customers.

Powerbox.one- charging stations for e-bikes

Why a Powerbox and not a regular bike charger?

There are many reasons why e-bike users welcome the possibility of charging in a Powerbox, for example:

  1. Water resistance – The normal charger supplied with the e-bike must not be left outside but is designed for indoor use only.

  2. Protection against thieves – A normal charger cannot be locked to a power bike and therefore cannot be left unattended, if stolen a new charger costs between 50 and 180 EUR!

  3. No unnecessary burden – Electric bike owners do not want to carry a large and heavy charger (weighing 0.7 – 1.6 Kg) on a trip. The charging cable is much more compact and 10 times lighter, or they can even rent it on-site.

  4. 2X faster charging*- Powerbox offers 2X faster (but still safe) charging than most chargers supplied to customers by manufacturers with their electric bikes. A standard 400Wh e-bike battery can be charged from 30% to 80% capacity in 60 minutes (giving you time to grab a snack from the operator in between).

  5. 4-8 e-bikes at the same time – If there are more of you, you can charge together from one Powerbox – it is compatible with almost all types of e-bikes on the Czech and Slovak market and allows charging 4 to 8 e-bikes at the same time, depending on the type.

*) 65% of electric bikes in 2022/23 were delivered to the manufacturer with a charger that has a maximum output current of 2 A (42 V). The Powerbox charging station is equipped with chargers with an output current of 4 A (42 V). This is a value that is recognised as safe for charging all electric bikes with a nominal drive system voltage of 36 V.

Why is the Powerbox great for operators?

The charging station can be used up to 5ºC – even in autumn

Increased visitor and customer interest – e-bikes now make up the majority of bikes sold in Western Europe and gradually also in this country, and are more often bought for touring by wealthier and more active cyclists. The possibility of charging e-bikes even for a part of a group of cyclists will increase interest in your village, tourist attraction, and restaurant…

Promotion – all public charging stations are automatically listed on the most used maps for cyclists Mapy.cz and on our map of charging stations for e-bikes. But it’s up to you – you can also operate your Powerbox in non-public mode, e.g. only for your customers.

Easy to install – Mount on a wall, on a post stand or on a separate structure with a bike stand. Installation is carried out by a technician within 90 minutes – no permits are required.

Powerbox.one does not need special wiring or special electrical preparation (recommended circuit breaker is 1 phase / 16 A, version „C“). No initial separate inspection of the device is required.

Resistance – The Powerbox.one charging station for electric bikes is directly designed for outdoor installation and is IP54 rated (against splashing water, dust and vandal protection class IK8).

Versatility and compatibility – Powerbox offers easy charging of up to 4, 6 or even 8 e-bikes simultaneously. It is compatible with almost all types of e-bikes in the Czech and Slovak markets. It is up to you whether we equip the station for the most common systems on the market or deliver it in a standard design with maximum versatility. The usual part of the delivery is 3 meters long charging cables with different connectors – in a package with a 70% discount compared to their market price.

Freedom of location – the Powerbox is usually permanently placed on the facade of a building or on a post or structure anchored in the ground with a 230V power supply or solar panel power supply, but can also be on a mobile post. The Powerbox.one charging station can also be safely installed indoors (e.g. in a garage or company wheelhouse).

Made in the Czech Republic using only available components from leading manufacturers, it meets the strict EN and CSN standards for outdoor electrical equipment.

Mobile and web application – Powerbox charging station offers a standard remote management system via a unique Cloud solution. This allows the operator to remotely switch the charging station off and on and to have an overview of the current and total power consumption and the number of users of the station for the selected period.

Cloud solution interface in a web browser

Low cost – The electricity consumption for charging the electric bike is negligible, amounting to about 1-3 CZK per charge.

Charging speed – Charging a 400 Wh battery from 30% to 70% capacity will take about one hour, twice as fast as usual – so guests will prefer to choose you.

Professional design and safety – Industry-branded chargers certified for use with all electric bike batteries are used. They also work for systems with two-way communication: Bosch e-bike, Bosch Smart, and Shimano STePS.

All versions of the Powerbox charging stations are approved by the Electrotechnical Institute according to the following technical standards:

EN IEC 61439-1:2012 ed.2: Low-voltage switchgear
EN IEC 61439-7:2020: Low-voltage switchgear for use in special conditions Charging stations for electric
EN IEC 61000-6-3 ed.2: Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC)

Each Powerbox charging station dispatched has its own numbered equipment safety approval report. Only the so-called low voltage (up to 50V) reaches the electric bike user (as opposed to connecting the charger to a 240V socket), which does not endanger human health even in contact with the skin.

The control unit of the Powerbox charging station

The Powerbox is equipped with separate fuses in case of a short circuit on the cable or any other problem. The device also has a current protector and electronics that control charging speed and power.

Easy to use and easy to understand – The Powerbox charging station includes 5 or 7 status LEDs for each charging slot, which provide information about the charger status (charging/charged) and the status of the entire device (available / out of service).

Option to add bike racks – An e-bike charging station should always be supplemented with bike racks so that the owner does not have to wait an hour or more to charge next to their e-bike, but can spend the time enjoying a snack, sightseeing, or other activity. We can supply the stands together with the station, or often we already install the charging station in the place where they are already built.