Charging station design

Wallbox with Design case

Every charging station is an original! The design is always adapted in cooperation with the operator to best fit the environment where it is installed.

As standard, the Powerbox charging station is supplied in a durable case made of thermoplastic ABS polymer, with IK8 class anti-vandal protection against mechanical damage. The charging box is certified for year-round operation of low-voltage electrical equipment in outdoor areas according to EN IEC 61439-7:2020.
Standard box colour: grey RAL 7035.

On the front side of the charging station there are LEDs indicating the charging process in progress (blue 4x or 6x) and a status LED (green) indicating the „in operation“ status of the station. The front side of the charger has two patent locks (keys are available for the operator).

Bottom side with connectors

On the underside of the charging station there are connectors for DC charging cables with a waterproof plug and on the sides there can be outdoor sockets for AC 230V charging. There is an active vent on the top of the charging station. The connection of the station to the mains is via a grommet – see this document for grommet placement options.

Front side of the wallbox

The front surface of the charging station has a special durable outdoor sticker. The sticker can contain basic information about the operation of the station, graphic markers of the station operator (logo, emblem), information about the possibility of renting charging cables, contacts to the operator. The standard sticker with the logo is included in the price of the charging station, individual processing, according to the operator’s specifications, is at an additional cost.

Backing plates

The charging station can also be placed on a backing plate made of dibond sandwich or sheet metal. The space of the board offers better visibility of the station for clients, allows to provide additional information about the location and the services offered by the operator, or to offer a map with attractions in the area.

Thestandard size of the backing board is 100 (length) x 80 (height) cm, but any non-standard size is possible. It is fixed with screws according to the type of wall material. We will design and prepare the design of the coating according to your specifications, we will realize the production including installation.

Design case for Powerbox

For locations that place high demands on the appearance of the charging station itself, such as urban conservation areas or public buildings, the so-called Design Case is designed.

This is a special, appearance-perfect charging station cover made from a combination of thick bent sheet metal painted in any colour (within the RAL palette) and the charger face is made from glossy brushed aluminium with cut-outs for status LEDs.

The Design Case offers higher security for the charging station against vandals thanks to the material used, and is attached to the base with security screws. Electrical connections can only be made through the back of the station. The charging station with the Design Case can be placed on the wall of the building or on a stand-alone post.

This is an additional equipment, please contact us for a calculation according to your specifications.

Note: In the case of the „Design Case“ installation , control of the charging station must be exclusively via Powerbox.Cloud and online connection, as access to the circuit breakers inside the charging station requires removal of the packaging.

Laser engraving options for aluminum

Any graphics or text up to a maximum size of 25 x 13 cm (in the case of the Powerbox 6P version) can be laser engraved on the face of the DesignCase.

The option of black or coloured (base colour) engraving will enhance the exclusivity of the charging station, but is not suitable for displaying operational information. It is recommended that the instructions for operating the charging station are displayed outside the body of the station.

Further design options can be found here.