Charging stations for your employees and clients

➜ C lick here – Portable Charging Stands for Electric Bike Shops

A company charging station for e-bikes is a great and inexpensive solution to promote individual e-mobility among your employees.

Easily install the charging station into an existing bike shed.
Litovel – Brazzale Moravia

From the point of view of emissions, the electric bicycle is the cleanest means of transport on the market (even better in the overall mix than a conventional – mechanical bicycle).

If your company has a bike shed, we recommend adding a charging station, not just regular sockets, as independently connected charging adapters cannot be locked and protected against theft in any way.

The bicycle sheed in the 500-employee distribution centre offers only 230V outlets

If you know which models of electric bikes your employees ride, we can prepare a charging station tailored to your needs. If you don’t know – a universal charging station model that combines the charging ports of different systems will suit you 100%.

Powerbox charging station for students and employees of the COP Gymnasium

Private – the company charging station does not appear on map backgrounds and is typically not accessible to the public. Like public charging stations, it is connected to the private environment and can be managed completely online.

A company can equip employees with their own charging cables to carry with them, or a Cable Box can be installed in a bike shed or shelter.

If your company does not yet have a wheelhouse, we offer you implementation together with our partners. For example, it can be this solar Island solution – without the need to connect to the electricity grid.

An eBikePort island shelter with a capacity of 14 simultaneously charged electric bikes. Toyota Motor Czech

Portable Powerbox for bicycle and e-bike shops

Welcome clients who come with you on an electric bike. Place the mobile Powerbox charging station next to your outdoor bike stand. You’ll naturally be placed on the Charging Station Map, which will attract new customers during the season.

Mobile charging station Powerbox 4P at the Cyklo Švec shop in Písek

Do you need to safely charge the e-bikes located in your shop? Simply place the Powerbox next to the e-bikes on display, and connect the relevant charging cables – no need to unpack the original chargers or handle the bikes.

Program your Powerbox so that it automatically shuts off after store closing time and doesn’t„accidentally“ leave the charger on overnight.
In a few shops, this omission has already led to very unpleasant consequences.
Battery fires occur 95% of the time while charging and it is virtually impossible to stop such a fire without quick action.

Eliminate the danger of fire by using an electric bike charging station in your rental or retail store.

We offer a Powerbox for bike shops at a cost-effective price. Please contact us for terms and conditions.