New Charging point

Nabíjecí stanice se stojanem.

Public charging of e-bikes should be offered by any information centre located on the cycle route and by all operators of tour restaurants and kiosks with cyclist movement. Powerbox’s modular charging station solution is versatile and is therefore also purchased by developers for their building tenants and wise business owners for their employees.

5 steps to implementing Charging Station

  1. Contact us on this page, to consult with us about your project. We will recommend the best solution and financing.
  2. We will prepare a detailed offer for the implementation of a charging station or a network of charging stations, including the agreed accessories.
  3. You can easily install the charging station yourself, or we can send our installation team to you for an all-in implementation.
  4. Together with our specialist, you will carry out the so-called. onboarding – i.e. registering your charging station with the control system through which you can control your station.
  5. The new charging station will appear on map documents and new guests with electric bikes will start showing up.

Important recommendations for e-bike Charging station operators

Electric bike security – the charging station must comply with the elements of objective security: we recommend a high-quality, ground-fixed bike rack, preferably with a support system, in a visible location, ideally with acknowledged CCTV monitoring. An alternative with even greater security for e-bike owners is a lockable bike shed with a charging station.

Charging cable solution – Especially if you do not have your own fleet of e-bikes with a single charging system, think about allowing as many different types of e-bikes with different charging cables to connect. Cyclists don’t want to carry heavy and bulky chargers with them. This is also why competing solutions where only the 230V AC sockets are usable with their own adapter are unsuitable.

Designated administrator – Designate a charging station administrator to ensure that charging cables are loaned (or to maintain the self-service charging cable box ), to oversee the operation of the charging station and to take steps to restore the station in the event of notification of inoperability (power failure).

Further recommendations for public charging stations

Appropriate location – Locate the charging station in a public space, but close to where the time needed for charging can be spent – a square, a restaurant garden, a bicycle area at the entrance to a monument, a swimming pool, etc.

Free operation – Offer the use of the charging station is free for cyclists (in the case of a private charging station at a restaurant, it can be conditioned on minimum consumption, etc.). Charging one e-bike will cost you around 0,1 € in electricity costs, which will playfully cover the increased traffic to your place.

Territory coverage – If you want to build a network of charging stations (tourist areas, regions, e-bike rental networks…), it is recommended that it is spread out so that the distance between charging points is no more than 20 km (measured along the cycle path).

Inform cyclists about the existence of the charging station, if it is not visible from the main cycle route, then also through signs for e-bike users. All our Powerboxes are also automatically published on the most used cycling map by cyclists – Mapy by Seznam and on the map base, which is adopted by many other sources.

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