Types of charging stations

Powerbox now offers two types of charging stations – for simultaneous charging of 4, 6 or up to 8 e-bike batteries.

Powerbox 4P

The Powerbox 4P type is designed for the simultaneous charging of up to 4 e-bikes via a connected charging cable.

The Powerbox 4P can be supplemented with one or two 230V protected sockets, in which case it can serve up to 6 clients at the same time.

The standard charging ports (for the 2023 version) are 2x Univehicle, 1x Bosch, 1x Shimano, which covers the widest number of e-bike users.

It is possible to arrange any other type of charger (at extra cost). For the system with proprietary communication, we now offer the alternative of building in the original Bosch Smart system charger (XLR 5PIN output, incl. socket cam charging cable), or charging for Darfon batteries (XLR 5PIN output, alternative for more e-bike manufacturers with Shimano motor).

Powerbox 6P

The Powerbox 6P type is designed for simultaneous charging of up to 8 e-bikes:

  • 6x via the connected charging cable
  • 2x via a protected 230V socket.

The standard charging ports for the 2023 version are 3x Universal, 2x Bosch, 1x Shimano / 1x Bosch Smart

This configuration covers the widest number of electric bike users. As with the 4P, the connector types can be configured, but a longer delivery time (up to 8 weeks) must be expected.

Common features

Both types of charging station offer:

  • 16A protection for the entire device
  • Current protector for 230V AC outlets.
  • Fuses for each of the built-in DC chargers.
  • Control unit with communication via WLAN
    standard 802.11 ac/b/g (WiFi).
  • Thermal management, including automatically regulated active ventilation.
  • Photocell – protection against unauthorised intrusion into the charging station.
  • Certification according to EN IEC 61439-1:2012 and EN IEC 61439-7:2020.
  • Electromagnetic compatibility according to EN IEC 61000-6-3 ed.2.

Other options

Optional :

  • 5V/1A inverter with USB socket output,
    USB-C, USB mini
  • Communication module over LTE/4G network (for locations without WiFi capability)
  • Solar power station – see „Solar pack“
  • Brushed aluminium packaging – „Design pack

The charging station can be connected to a power source – mains or solar system – via a CYKY cable that is routed through a grommet on the back of the station, or on the left or right side. See this document for more info on the grommetplacement options.