Frequently Asked Questions

How to use the POWERBOX charging station?

Charging your e-bike with the POWERBOX charging station is very simple. You lock your e-bike to the charging stand and connect the e-bike battery to the free charging port using the charging cable. Detailed instructions can be found here.

How is it possible that charging e-bikes at POWERBOX stations is free?

The amount of electricity needed to charge an e-bike (including the energy to run the charging station) is so small (at a price of 0,25€ / kWh, charging an e-bike with 200Wh of energy will cost the operator about 2 CZK) that charging is offered for free ( – the cost of charging would be greater than the amount). But of course, it is expected that you will take advantage of and properly appreciate the hospitality of the charging station operator.

What types of batteries can be charged?

The POWERBOX is suitable for charging e-bike batteries, but also scooters that have a 36V battery (this is about 98% of all e-bikes on the European market). If you have an e-bike model that has a 24V battery (some models sold until 2014), or an e-bike model with a 48V battery (some types of conversions), you cannot use the charging station directly. However, some are equipped with a 230V socket so you can connect your own charger (see filter on Map).

What if there is no charging cable available for my e-bike?

As the charging connector is not standardised on e-bikes, it is possible that a relevant charging cable is not yet available for your e-bike model. Please contact us and we will do our best to provide a remedy. In the meantime, you can charge your e-bike with your own charger at charging stations equipped with a 230V socket.

How long does it take to charge an e-bike using a POWERBOX charging station?

The charging time depends on the capacity of your e-bike battery and the level of battery discharge. The POWERBOX is equipped with built-in chargers with an output current of 4A, which is safe for any type of lithium e-bike battery manufactured after 2015. Typically 200Wh can be recharged in 1 hour, so in the case of a 400Wh battery this is half its capacity, in the case of a 600Wh battery this is ⅓ of its capacity.

Where can I find POWERBOX charging stations everywhere?

There are charging stations at 436 locations across the Czech Republic and much of Slovakia, with more locations being built. Find your nearest station on the Map, and plan your route so that you can charge your e-bike and have lunch or visit local cultural sights in between.