E-bike Charger Network

449 charging stations for electric bikes in the Czech Republic and Slovakia and more are coming. Choose or add a new one and increase the popularity of your municipality, restaurant, tourist centre, company…


Powerbox – a solution for all

For cities and municipality

Do you know where a cycle path runs through your village or town? That’s where your visitors expect a charging station.

Charging station Cultural and Information Centre, Nepomuk

For shops and department stores

Your customers don’t come to you on electric bikes yet? Change that and offer them free charging!

Charging station Šestka Shopping Centre, Prague 6

For public parking facility

Increase the number of your customers by allowing them to combine riding an e-bike and driving a car.

Charging hub for e-bikes and e-cas in Kralupy parking house

For hotels and restaurants

Make your hotel, restaurant, pub, café or kiosk a popular destination for e-bike riders and their friends

Charging station Restaurant U Jirásků, Nová Pec – Jelení

For companies and their employees

Increase the punctuality and health of your employees and become a socially responsible company.

Non-public charging station – Office center Oasis, Prague 7

And what will your charging station be?