Powerbox Solar Pack

Powerbox Solar Pack allows the operation of the charging station without the need to connect to the grid. It is installed on the wall or roof of the building, together with the charging station placed on the wall or on a pole near the building.

Solar panel + inverter + battery -> Powerbox 4P charging station

The use of the Solar Pack – an island solution – is only recommended where there is no possibility of connecting to the regular electricity grid, or where such a connection would be costly or technically complicated. The solar system requires winter maintenance by the owner of the charging station and the cost of its purchase will not be recovered by the operator (in case of easy connection to the 240V grid), due to the very low current consumption for charging electric bikes.

For island operation we recommend the Powerbox.one 4P charging station, which allows charging up to 4 e-bikes simultaneously. The photo shows an example of charging using the Powerbox 4P with 2x UNI, 1x Bosch, 1x Shimano.


  • 500 Wp solar panel with booms for wall/roof installation with dimensions 220 x 110 cm
  • Solar controller/ inverter 12-230 V with a maximum output of 2000 W and MPPT type controller
  • 1,5 kWh Lead-carbon battery (12 V/100 Ah) for solar systems with winter removability and 10 years lifetime, housed in a 2x plastic box P-BOX 4050 with IP65 protection, dimensions 300 mm x 400 mm x 170 mm
  • Connection reducer, cables and connection for Powerbox.one charging station

The SolarPack with south or southwest facing panel with recommended inclination provides sufficient energy to charge up to 8-14 e-bikes per day (approx. 3000 Wh) from April to October, even in inclement weather, thanks to the type of solar panel used and the high battery capacity.

Powerbox charging station with Solar pack power supply at the entrance to OC Šestka

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