Solar lamp with charging station for electric bikes

Solar lamps with a charging station are particularly suitable for cities and municipalities planning investments in public lighting. The combination of an island LED public lighting lamp with a photovoltaic panel and an integrated charging station for electric bicycles is the perfect „all-in-one“ solution at an attractive cost.

Solar lamp with charging station

EnSole lamps are powered by LTO batteries with a lifetime of 30,000 cycles and a 10-year warranty, or LiFePo batteries with 7,000 cycles and a 5-year warranty, to provide enough energy for persistent lighting even in inclement weather and during periods of short sunlight.

The EnSole solar lamps are fully compliant with EU standards and quality parameters. The lifetime of the solar lamps is at least 25 years, including batteries. The warranty is 5 years for the whole product.

The mechanical components of the solar lamps are designed to achieve long life under harsh operating conditions. The installation of EnSole solar lamps is uncomplicated and safe. The solar lamps are equipped with electronics for biodynamic light control (in the evening and morning the lamp shines with white light of 4000 K, at night with yellow-orange 1850 K without blue component) and motion sensors (the lamp changes the light intensity in response to the ongoing operation). Five summer and five winter preset modes can be selected for lighting control.

Settings and changes to the lighting parameters as well as continuous monitoring of all operating values can be done remotely via the integrated GSM/LTE (card slot or chip installed in the lamp) or in the vicinity of the lamp via Bluetooth connection.

Integration with the Powerbox charging station

The addition of a charging station – typically a Powerbox 4P model for 4 simultaneously charged e-bikes – is simply installed on the solar lamp body. The power supply to the charging ports has to be activated with a button. Charging cables for rental can be placed either in the self-service CableBox on the lamp body or in the nearest building.

Either a stainless steel box (see photo) or a classic Powerbox in plastic can be used. The bike stand is either integrated in the base of the solar lamp or a separate stand is installed next to the lamp (max. distance 2.5 meters due to the length of the charging cable).

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