Solar charging shelter eBikePort

A special island shelter with charging station for electric bikes, which protects bike users from bad weather while resting and charging. It offers a universal charging station, secure racks for locking electric bikes, can have seating, a drinks dispenser, space for a map and an advertising area on the back.

The roof structure incorporates a high quality photovoltaic power plant and the complete island system technology with Li-On batteries is located under the bench. A camera system and remote facility management can also be added.

In the case of island systems, this is always a custom-made solution, tailored to the specific location, please contact us to discuss your specification and the best way to implement it.

Basic parameters:

  • Watertight mounting system with integrated aluminium/nickel guttering.
  • Anchoring system AL construction with BAYOS screws.
  • Technology configuration: island with Li-on battery 5,7 kWh.
  • Installed/annual PV output: 1.825 kWp / approx. 1.9 MWh (south orientation).
  • Island power system with year-round Li-On batteries, 5.7 kWh capacity including remote online monitoring.
  • charging station for 8 electric bikes (6x 4A/36V cable + 2x 230V fused socket, also Type 2 charging for cars possible).
  • Connectivity and monitoring: LTE-5G / webcam 24/7.



  • AL construction: width 5 000 x depth 2 000 x height 2 300 mm.
  • Weight of the structure: approx. 1 200 kg (including table and benches).
  • Weight of the technology (Li-On): approx. 60 kg/Antivandal version.

The shelter structure is made of aluminium and includes fasteners and anchoring to the concrete base. Installation of the shelter is possible on a concrete base, paving stones, paved surface, asphalt, etc.. The lead time is 2-4 days.

Estimated price: 300 – 600 thousand CZK without VAT, depending on the material of construction and specific equipment (without base plate, including transport and installation and recovery).

Demonstration of the solar shelter including charging station Powerbox Solution Park

Powerbox solution park