Powerbox Solution Park

Around our headquarters in Prague – Showroom ekolo.cz, we are creating a unique space that will give you inspiration for charging options for electric bikes.

In the space, during 2023, we are creating various options for installing Powerbox charging stations – with placement on the wall of the building, on a self-standing totem, in combination with a service station, with a bike stand, a charger integrated into a solar column, cabinets for charging separate batteries and also a complete solution for an island solar e-bike port.

Visit the Powerbox Solution Park in Prague 6, near the ekolo.cz showroom, opposite the Šestka Shopping Centre. K letišti 2, Prague – Ruzyně, Czechia.

Make an appointment for a personal visit by email at info@powerbox.one, by phone at +420 777.797.230, or by using the contact details and you will have an experienced consultant available for you on e-bike issues, charging and financing.

Outdoor installations are free to attend.

Charging Totem Plus with parking for 6 e-bikes