What and who Powerbox?

The Powerbox standard and the basis for the Powerbox.one charging station was developed by ekolo.cz.

ekolo.cz is the pioneer of electric bikes in the Czech Republic. We were the first to introduce them to Czech society and the market – back in 2007. The name of our company led to the colloquial shortening of the termelectric biketoekolo.

In 2014, we installed the first company fleet of e-bikes, complete with a charging stand – for Vodafone. We believe that Corporate Electric Bike Fleets are the solution for the fastest and cheapest urban mobility for employees of large and small companies and institutions.

In 2016, we standardized the so-called e.IKS charging stands for e-bikes with integrated chargers and started to deliver them successfully.

In 2018, based on requests from many of our customers, we completed the development of a professional charging station for e-bikes with our technology partners.

However, other entities, especially restaurant operators, municipalities and cities, soon showed interest in charging e-bikes for their customers. Here, the requirement was for maximum universal operation for any type of e-bike.

In 2022, the independent start-up project Powerbox s.r.o. was founded, the managing director is Mgr. Jakub Ditrich. The company Powerbox is a know-how holder, manufacturer and distributor of charging stations, their construction and accessories, is the operator of a cloud-based solution for station operation management – Powerbox.cloud.

In cooperation with mapping solution providers (eg. OpenStreetMap project), we publish a map database of public charging stations for electric bikes. This helps station operators and e-bike users.

We provide free loans of mobile charging stations for events where visitors on e-bikes can be expected. Contact us!

We define standards for charging e-bikes „outside the house“. The technology of the durable universal connector on the XLR charging station also appears in our followers‘ solutions. A 230V socket is not a charging station!

We produce twisted professional charging cables, designed for loan to customers of charging station operators – either by personal loan or via a self-service Cable Box system.

We manufacture lightweight, inexpensive and storable charging cables for e-bike owners. We currently offer 12 different types of cables – connectors marked for easy identification with the letters A, B, C…, which cover more than 80% of the Czech market of e-bikes and e-scooters (in other countries this share may vary).

We operate a configurator for selecting the appropriate charging cable. We supply charging cables wholesale to specialized e-bike shops and retail them in our own e-shop.

We communicate with e-bike manufacturers and recommend the types of charging connectors that are supported by the charging stations, or work with them to supply customers with charging cables compatible with their e-bike batteries.

We are working with manufacturers of urban furniture – shelters and bike sheds for parking bikes and e-bikes, service station manufacturers, lighting manufacturers and others – to implement charging stations in new infrastructure for cyclists.

We regularly participate in professional conferences on electromobility and lightweight electromobility. We work with the National Cycling Coordinator to raise awareness and implement projects for the recreational and transport use of electric bikes. We support and provide expert advice on the development of national subsidy titles for the implementation of new bicycle measures for e-bikes.

We influence standard makers and political representation on the need for European standardisation for charging e-bikes and other LEVs.

Thank you, our Partners, for supporting the journey towards the future of transport on e-bikes and light EV.

Charging Hub for 80 e-bikes – Frankfurt a/M, Eurobike Global, July 2022